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We have launched this website to share our knowledge and smart routines we applied in our own home here in The Netherlands. We do this as a hobby and with great fun!  We also review ew smart home products in the market, which we test independantly and share results with you on the website.

A smart home in an easy way

At our website we show how we made our home smart with the home automation products of Philips Hue, KlikAanKlikUit and Trust Smarthome. And that you can achieve this on an easy way at your home also, without big investments or knowlegde of computer programming and IT scripts.  

Of all the rooms in our home we show what we have made smart. And not only that, we also show what you need and how you can arrange this yourself! Even with step-by-step explanations and examples. Really useful!

What have we made smart in our home?

Please see the handy overview below of all routines and actions we made smart in our home!

Living room

Lightning automatically on a half hour before Sunset.

Smart lightning with Philips Hue.


Do more with a smart switch button.


Guard your home from a distance with a WIFI IP Camera

Go to bed, power off all stand-by devices.


Kitchen lightning on at movement only after sunset.


In the evening less, while cooking more lightning.



Central place in our house, also for our home automation.

Alarmsystem activated when leaving home.


Alarm during the night, immediately lights on.


Monitor home power consumption in the app.


WIFI IP Camera active when alarmsystem activated.

Bed room

When going to bed, lightning already dimmed on.

Smart lightning also manually controlled with remote.


Smart lightning manually controlled with remote.


At smoke alarm ligntning on and push message at mobile Phone.

Attic lightning on at movement.


Garden lightning automatically on at Sunset and off at Sunrise.

Sun blinds automatically activated at Sunshine.


Fontains in garden only on when at home.


Garden lighning also manually controlled with remote.

Water leakage, push message at mobile Phone.


Smart home, more and more people are talking about it. 
But what is needed for a smart home?

To make you home a smart home you will need a home automation system like Philips Hue and you will need smart devices like smart lightning or wireless switches. The next step is to configure in the home automation app or devices how to apply this in your home. Like lightning on at fixed times or at movement, alarmsystem set ctive when not at home of sun blinding down at a sunny day. For more experts it is also possible to automate certain routines or even daily activities, like when going to bed the lightning in the living room needs to be turned off, alarmsystem set active and bed room lightning dimmed on, all with one click!

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